An internet mapping service for the Australian Capital Territory

    This site will require popups to be enabled for query and printing functions.

      At this site you can:
      • Search for and locate on a map a feature such as a property address, road, block,etc.;
      • Create your own customised map by selecting only the information which is important to you;
      • Print your map on your local printer;
      • Get information related to a feature such as the address of a block or the classification of a road;
      • Measure a distance, select overlapping features and more, using the advanced tools.

This website is a product of the ACT Government Geographic Information Management (GIM) Strategy. Please read the disclaimer and copyright notices before using for the first time, and review the metadata statements accessible from the layer list in the map page.

Web mapping is technically demanding and there may be delays in retrieving your results and drawing your map. Please be patient, the wait will be worthwhile. This application requires a later version web browser, and is best viewed at a minimum resolution of 600 x 800 dpi. Click on the ACT Locate Status button for any messages to users, or for system maintenance times.
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